• “One can not escape the vicissitude of success once embraced. My wife and I have been providers of chiropractic care for 4-5 years. Ownership has always been our goal; to serve a community with our unique brand of care and have no one to answer to. As fate would have it, we were introduced to Doug Muir. His divination for what we could accomplish was the fuel to where we are today. Our practice has gradually grown from the couple of months we have opened our doors. To anyone reading this , being good at what you do is one thing. Having a strong constituency behind you is another thing . Doug has been very pivotal in our road to financial freedom and independence. I thank God everyday that we met this man.”
  • – Dr. Jessie Gill Ejiofor

  • “A successful 3-month engagement of Doug and his team encompassing some project management/implementation work for a conversion to a new clearing firm, as well as some strategy guidance, turned into a whole lot more. In fact, Doug brought so much to the table that we ended up hiring him full-time! And to this day he’s still doing the occasional project for us. Doug’s energy level is infectious and his insights invaluable. After starting with big picture strategy to assist us with our short-, medium- and long-term goals and help evaluate personnel needs, Doug homed in on the KPIs, policies and procedures necessary to put strategy into action. This included improving financial reporting so we could analyze performance better and keeping us on task throughout. Put simply, Doug would be a ‘shot in the arm’ for any small business looking to face head on industry challenges and ignite growth. I’d be happy to provide a detailed reference if needed.”
    Joe Gawronski, President, Independent Broker-Dealer/Boutique Investment Bank, New York, NY

  • “I own and operate what is considered a “local institution”. It is a 24 hour New York Delicatessen and has been open for business for 40 years. Prior to hiring Muir & Associates, the business suffered a major setback which severely affected every aspect of the operation. From loosely managed bookkeeping, high employee turnover, non-existent inventory controls, and recipe inconsistencies. As a result, the reputation of this beloved restaurant went down the tubes . “…Read More
    Colleen Strong, President, Littlejohn’s Restaurants. LLC

  • “Dear Professor Muir, I moved up to the city earlier this month as part of an accelerator in NYC called ERA. Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but they have a lot of successful portfolio companies and the application process is mega-competitive (1500 applicants for 13 spots). So we’re excited to be part of it.
    I took your New Product Development class while attending the University of Virginia in 2016. I wanted to let you know that I continuously refer to what I learned”…Read More
    Gautam Kanumuru, Founder of Yogi

  • “I took Doug Muir’s Strategies of Entrepreneurship class at the University of Virginia and it was, by far, the best class I took in my entire undergraduate career. Professor Muir is well known around Charlottesville as not only an incredible professor,”… Read MoreMike Shebat, Operations & Partnerships Manager at Uber.

  • “Professor Muir opens his students’ minds to the world of entrepreneurship. He demonstrates contagious… Read MoreGraham Campbell, Crafting Nifty Everyday Solutions.

  • “I met with Douglas after some emailing back and forth. He was keen to learn about my business and offer his help. Throughout my meeting with Douglas, he proved very knowledgeable and demonstrated an abundance of experience in business and start-ups.”… Read MoreAdam Boyd, Regional Business Development (Scotland) at Zuppler.

  • “Douglas came to our company to help us work through some new product development ideas. His one day work shop was great, with a thought provoking presentation and a strong take-away.”…– Ted Dumbauld, Managing Member, Trident Advisors, LLC.

  • “When I took over the ownership and operations 3 months ago, the prospect of turning the business around was overwhelming. I hired the Muir & Associates team and it was a bootcamp for three months. They provided me with knowledge and support on every level,”… Read MoreColleen Strong, President, Littlejohn’s Restaurants.LLC

  • “Muir & Associates help us expand”…Read More –  Valeria Bisenti, CEO Bisenti Technology

  • “The value to the members is strongly evidenced by the fact that everyone generated good ideas (some with over 40) to beat their competition by using the seven most important stratagems”… Read MoreGriff Griffies Chair, Atlanta Vistage International

  • “It was a pleasure meeting you and experiencing the Kai Method event. Your energy was great! I cannot tell you how productive it was for me.”… Read MoreSharai M. Lavoie, MBA President & CEO SIS Partners

  • “Douglas Muir gave an amazing presentation of his Kai Method for the BIG organization in Charlotte. His enthusiasm for the method was contagious!” … Read MoreMichelle Coviello, CPC Director of Business Development for HireNetworks