Muir & Associates

Muir & Associates, Inc., is a diversified operations management and private equity firm. We engage with start-up and early-stage companies by working with inventors and entrepreneurs to define their customer segment as well as execute on value proposition and market entry strategy. We support the senior management teams of small and midsize companies in accomplishing operational restructuring and improvements. Muir & Associates incubates and spins out companies that operate on an integrated software and services model.

Muir & Associates looks for opportunities to engage in sectors where the delivery of valuable goods or services is beset with process and cost inefficiencies. We analyze the situation, identify and engage with stakeholders at every link in the value chain, and seek to identify “pain points” and their corresponding process improvements. The end result could be the creation of a new company, or Muir & Associates assuming the role of a strategic management consultant in support of an entrenched industry player.

Muir & Associates is ideally situated in Charlottesville, Virginia; a thriving community of private equity funds, venture capital firms, and start-up incubators, with the University of Virginia as its engine of innovation. Our founder and Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Muir, holds a teaching affiliation within UVA’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. This enhances our mission to provide creators of intellectual property with the tools and expertise needed to commercialize their ideas, start companies, and become job creators. We live and work at the intersection of innovation and execution.