Recommendation for Muir & Associates

I own and operate what is considered a “local institution”. It is a 24 hour New York Delicatessen and has been open for business for 40 years. Prior to hiring Muir & Associates, the business suffered a major setback which severely affected every aspect of the operation. From loosely managed bookkeeping, high employee turnover, non-existent inventory controls, and recipe inconsistencies. As a result, the reputation of this beloved restaurant went down the tubes .

When I took over the ownership and operations 3 months ago, the prospect of turning the business around was overwhelming. I hired the Muir & Associates team and it was a boot-camp for three months. They provided me with knowledge and support on every level.

The kitchen procedures and recipes are now producing a consistent product. By identifying the A and B players of my staff and terminating the C players, I have employees who are happy and working as a team. Inventory is maintained weekly and monthly which allows me to maintain the correct industry-standard percentages. I am not bogged down with bookkeeping. The simple, yet “to the penny” reconciliation procedures are easy to understand and manage.

I can say with absolute certainty that I could not have accomplished any of the above if I had not retained Muir & Associates as my consulting team.

Colleen Strong, President, Littlejohn’s Restaurants. LLC