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Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Made Simple


Demystifying Entrepreneurship with the Start-up Guru:

Are you eager to start your own business? Join this session to learn from outstanding speaker, Start-Up Guru, and Darden Professor, Douglas Muir, how to create a start-up, scale it, and plan for an exit strategy using the Business Model Canvas theory. This session will inspire you to think with an entrepreneurial mindset, provide you with a framework to help you start a venture, and motivate you to apply to the UVA E-Cup Concept competition. Discover the many diverse paths that lead to a successful entrepreneurial career, and learn how you can use your time at Darden to build towards that future.

Ambitious Radio Interview with Douglas Muir

Ambitious Radio

Succeeding in Business Through Failure

Succeeding in Business through Failure

Douglas Muir speaking at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Talon Talks podcast about his life of Flying and Entrepreneurship.

Douglas Muir, Professor of Entrepreneurship

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