Engaging with Clients

Startup operations supportMuir & Associates enables early-stage companies with cash flow constraints to access and utilize high-level finance and operations skill sets, without the overhead burden of taking on expensive and permanent hires.We begin by putting our clients through a rigorous process of defining their value proposition, identifying key partners and customer segments, developing sales and distribution channels, building a cost structure and quantifying revenue streams. Then, we support inventors and entrepreneurs in such areas as internal and external business plan development and balance sheet creation. Our clients save time, and responsibly manage their burn rate, by performing strategy pivots before employees are hired and an expensive overhead structure is put in place.

Operational restructuring and improvements: Senior leadership of small and midsize companies are often well-aware and engaged with key strategic problems, but are weighed down by the need to manage growth and the burdens of day-to-day tactical operating responsibilities. Muir & Associates specializes in helping clients achieve H.R. policy enhancements in the recruitment, hiring, training and retention of personnel, and in improving operations in such areas as inventory management, process efficiency and Quality Assurance, all with an eye towards controlling costs. We engage directly with senior executives, line managers and workers to understand ‘pain points’ from a 360-degree perspective, and develop solutions for management’s review and decision.  We then produce a Management and Procedures Manual that codifies the agreed-upon process improvements into day-to-day business practices at each level of the organization. Lastly, we remain present and engaged at the client site to oversee resulting training and implementation requirements.

Custom software development and integration:Through its affiliate Bisenti Technology, Muir & Associates offers access to senior, highly-skilled application development resources from the world’s best price-to-performance IT markets – India, Italy and Germany – at a fraction of prevailing market rates. We have spent the past nine years making infrastructure investments and building relationships in the international IT space, with the result being a cohesive, highly-skilled and competitively-priced network of outsourced resources from which our clients benefit. We specialize in database-driven applications in PHP, Java, JSP, XML, MySQL and PostgreSQL, interacting with clients in small, efficient teams of senior-level resources, with domain and functional expertise embedded.

Facilitation of strategic alignment sessions: Muir & Associates moderates these 1-2 day events on behalf of startup/early-stage companies seeking to identify and build consensus around a set of medium-term and long-term goals, as well as small and midsize companies implementing an H.R. reorganization, policy shift or operational improvement. We facilitate participant dialogue and feedback in defining metrics for determining success, and in setting strategic priorities for individual units/departments and the company as a whole to coalesce around. Follow-up consists of recurring strategy reviews, during which team members report on their progress and necessary adjustments are made.


Douglas Muir
Chief Executive Officer
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